2018 01 10

An agreement with the Estonian boiler house construction company “Napal” AS regarding sale of a flue gas condenser for 12 MW natural gas boiler has been signed on December 15, 2017.

During the first half of this year, “ENERSTENA” company group will produce and install a 0,85 MW economizer at one of the Tallinn heating network boiler houses.

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2017 12 19

We finish 2017 with another high volume project: on the 15th of December new biomass hot water plant with a flue gas condenser and two dry type economizers for gas boilers have been opened in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine.

Boiler plant characteristics: 4 MW biomass boiler with a biomass flue gas (1 MW) condenser and 2 x 8 MW gas boilers. All of the equipment has been designed, manufactures and installed by ENERSTENA Group.

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2017 12 14

From the beginning of 2018, UAB "Enerstena", together with the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and 8 other partners from Lithuania, Finland, Germany and the United Kingdom, will launch a new bio-plant project for biofuel conversion to gas.

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2017 11 21

On November 21st the whole of Europe celebrates the day of freedom from fossil fuel.

Theoretically, starting from today till the end of year, Europeans could cover their energy needs only by using local biofuel. It is gratifying that Lithuania is ahead of Europe in this field. Lithuania could live even 81 days per year, in such case 40 days longer than Europe, only from its own biofuel, wood pellets, chips and other wood waste!

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2017 10 26

Biofuel boiler plant quipment design, production and installation company Enerstena is implementing a project according to a contract worth 6 million Euro in Belarus – shortly 15 trucks fully loaded with equipment for the Chervyen boiler plant will leave to the neighboring country.

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2017 10 11

In Lithuania, we could have used only biomass (wood and other organic materials) to ensure all the energy needs of the country from October 11 to the end of the year, which is a great number of 81 days. Lithuania is sixth on the continent in being able to use only biomass energy and it passes the European average by 40 days. This is evidenced by the data collected jointly by the European biomass association AEBIOM and the Lithuanian biomass energy association LITBIOMA.

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2017 10 03

One of the projects, which is currently being implemented by ENERSTENA Group, is production of equipment for client located in France. According to the agreement, signed by ENERSTENA and a French company on the 11th of July, we have committed to design and manufacture two (11 MW each) special construction biofuel water heating boilers with water tubes elbows by January 2, 2018.

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