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Biomass heating technologies


2020 07 10

One of the largest energy enterprises in the Baltic States, UAB “Enerstena“, jointly with the Kaunas Technology University (KTU) and the Lithuanian Energy Institute (LEI), received the European Regional Development Fund‘s EUR 1.246 mio funding to implement the project under measure “Experiment“. The overall budget of project “Multifunctional Biomass Energy Technologies MultiBET“ reaches as much as EUR 1.942 mio. The project includes adding new measuring equipment to the scientific research laboratory, carrying out scientific and research activities and creating new eco-innovative products.

The project will launch this July and last for three years. It is important to note that the experience accumulated in the previous project called “Intellect“, funded by the European Regional Development Fund, and the created scientific research and experimental development (SRED) infrastructure of the company will be used in this project with a view to ensure the continuity of the scientific researches. Considering the latest world‘s renewable energy and circular economy trends, biomass energy technologies and plants of new generation will be created. More than 40 researches will participate in the project‘s scientific researches and experimental development activities.

As part of the project, 4 innovative products will be created: multifunctional biofuel furnace, multifunctional emission and corrosion reduction technology, multifunctional solid and gaseous contaminants filtering system and multifunctional agro waste incinerator. The exclusive characteristic of all the created products is their multifunctionality. The possibilities to combust versatile biofuel, to produce, from the biomass, not only heat but also products of higher added value, to apply highly elaborated methods for managing the combusting process, as well as effective product cleaning technologies, will be installed. All these plants will be offered to the customers after three years.

In total, 262 bids were filed under invitation No 1 of measure “Experiment“ of the EU structural funds. The bid of “Enerstena“ collected 85.5 out of 100 points, which is the best result among all the bids submitted.

Bids for performing the scientific research and experimental development activities and creating scientific research, experimental development and innovations infrastructure under this measure could be submitted both by operating and newly founded enterprises.

The core activity of the “Enerstena“ corporate group is design and manufacture of industrial technological equipment for biofuel boilers and cogeneration power plants. The “Enerstena“ corporate group consists of five companies in Lithuania, as well as companies in Finland and Latvia. The “Enerstena“ corporate group is one of the largest energy companies in the Baltic States. The company provides the most effective energy production solutions: designs and manufactures furnaces, boilers, condensing economizers and other technological biofuel energy equipment. The annual turnover of the “Enerstena“ corporate group in 2019 reached as much as EUR 23.8 mio; the corporate group employs more than 200 employees. Apart from the activities in Lithuania, “Enerstenos grupė“ performs projects in Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus and Ukraine.