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2020 05 28

Heating season in Lomza city has been very special this year. Not only because of unusually warm winter, but also that Lomza‘s municipal district heating company Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej w Łomża Sp. z o.o. (Lomza MPEC) produced part of heating energy with newly commissioned clean and efficient biomass energy heating plant.

Enerstena‘s newly commissioned biomass energy plant is equipped with a modern 12.50 MW water heating boiler fueled with biomass, energy saving flue gas condenser, flue gas cleaning filter (electrostatic precipitator), biomass fuel handling and other technological equipment.

The project has been completed in technical excellence with boiler plant overperforming in every performance guarantee. Efficiency of Enerstena plant, which reflects fuel consumption for heat production, has been measured to be up to 2% above the contractual obligations, meaning additional yearly fuel cost savings of ca. 2000 MWh (or 130.000 PLN, taking in to account biomass price of 65 PLN/MWH netto) for Lomza MPEC.

In turn, emission guarantees of the new plant have been measured to be well below the guarantee limits, which altogether grants Lomza citizens with cleaner and healthier air. Official measurements proved emissions for solid particles (fly ash, dust in flue gases) to be at 7 mg/Nm3 (contractual guarantee being <30), SO2 measured at 13 mg/Nm3 (guarantee <400), NOx measured 191 mg/Nm3 (contractual being <300).

It is estimated that the cost of thermal energy produced from biofuel will be around 50% lower than the current production from coal, which secures sustainable cost of heating for the citizens of Lomza city. Enerstena’s biomass plant is expected to cover up to 30 percent of thermal energy demand of Lomza city.

„The new plant will secure environmentally clean, efficient and lower cost heat energy production for Lomza city for many years to come. We are proud to be part of this successful project and contributing to the well-being of Lomza city“, says Virginijus Ramanauskas, CEO at Enerstena Group.