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Design of biomass boiler plants equipment


Enerstena Group designs furnaces using the newest technologies. The biofuel combustion furnace has an oblique and moving grate, and is operated in accordance with gas generation principles. The combustion process in the furnace is controlled according to the level of oxygen in the flue gas. The fire-resistant structure of the furnace is made of materials resistant to wear and heat.


Access doors and hatches with covers are mounted on all sites where the operation, maintenance or repair of the furnace may be necessary.

The furnaces manufactured by Enerstena Group are labelled with the trademark ‘Calidum Ember’, indicating that they have been designed by professionals in the Science and Development Department of Enerstena in cooperation with the Kaunas University of Technology. The design of the furnace allows for a substantial improvement of the combustion process and provides a competitive advantage to our company and its clients. The success of this technology has been proven by its recognition during the Lithuanian Product of the Year 2012 contest, where the technology was awarded with a Gold Medal.


• Furnaces are designed for the combustion of biomass with humidity levels of up to 55 present.
• The furnace frame is cooled by water.
• Low emissions of nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide (NOX and CO) – complete combustion of biomass.
• Combustion monitoring according to measurements of the CO and O2 in the emitted fumes.
• Available for the combustion of various biomass.

 Fuel that can burn

Wood chips

Forest residues

Wood waste






Oat husks

Buckwheat husks


Sunflower husks