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Turn-key projects

Fuel transportation and fuel storage equipment

The fuel transportation and fuel storage equipment designed and manufactured by "Enerstena" Group of Companies can be used for an automated and even supply of fuel. The fuel is usually delivered by vehicles and unloaded directly onto the moving floor of the storage container. The moving floor then delivers the fuel to the fuel transporters. To ensure an even supply of the biofuel, a spreader-shredder, which not only distributes the fuel but also breaks apart any frozen ingots, is equipped. In addition, in order to detain any non-allowable parts of the fuel and separate oversized impurities (such as stones, pieces of concrete or metal) from the fuel, vibrating grates are equipped on the transporter.  

Transporters deliver all suitable fuel directly to the furnace feeder. The hydraulic feeder provides the supply of the fuel to the furnace, ensuring an even spreading of the fuel onto the grates and a good combustion condition. According to the client’s needs, additional equipment for the measurement of the fuel humidity and weight can be provided if such a need is foreseen.

"Enerstena" Group of Companies offers both open-type storage containers with additional fuel pushing equipment (self-propelled loaders), and fully automated closed-type storage containers.