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Design of biomass boiler plants equipment

Economisers ECONERG

The efficiency of modern boilers burning gas or liquid fuel is already rather high, and reaches up to 90-94%. However, even the most efficient boiler may have its productivity increased through the installation of a condensing economiser. Both gas and liquid fuel contains hydrogen, which turns into water vapour during combustion. Due to the cooling of the flue gas containing water vapour below the condensation point with the help of the condensing economiser, any latent heat is released, resulting in additional heat efficiency in the economiser to the amount of 8-12 percent.

According to our customer needs, "Enerstena" Group of Companies can design and manufacture condensing economisers of several types. Choosing the most suitable type of economiser depends on several factors including: the permissible loss of water pressure from the side of the flue gas, the possibilities for maintenance, and the space available for the proposed economiser.

Our available condensing economisers can be employed for boilers with a capacity ranging from 1 MW to 300 MW.
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