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Manufacture of biomass boiler plants equipment

Biomass boiler plants equipment

ENERSTENA Group manufactures equipment for biomass boiler plants ranging from 1 MW to 20 MW, all of which are designed for the preparation of saturated and superheated steam, as well as hot water. According to the desires of our customers, the equipment may be employed for various industrial energy purposes and for district heating supply networks. The operation of the equipment is fully automated and does not require any additional personnel. Boilers feature a high efficiency rating ranging to 90 percent. The equipment is designed for the combustion of dry and wet (up to 55 of moisture content) fuel. Wood chips, shavings, bark, small branches, wood waste and sawdust are used for combustion in the boiler house.
If necessary, Enerstena Group can offer biofuel boiler houses of various capacities employed not only to generate heat but also to produce electricity.


  • high efficiency rating ranging up to 90 percent;
  • minimal electricity consumption;
  • operational intensity – 97 percent;
  • the boiler plants are fully automated, and their operation can be monitored from a PC display or remotely 24/7.

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