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R&D center

Centre of Research and Development:

Assoc. professor Kęstutis Buinevičius
Mob. +370 698 30201



For those who are looking for engineering solutions!

- Exquisite projects
- Consultations
- Useful solutions
- Qualitative fuel analyses

THE CENTRE OF SCIENCE AND RESEARCHES is a functional infrastructural subdivision of „Enerstena“, its main function is to ensure a successful implementation of scientific researches and engineering solutions in the fields of industry and energy by creating secure, environment-friendly and recourses-saving technologies of fuel combustion and by producing competitive products.
In the research centre a scientific personnel has been recruited for work with modern laboratory equipment. There is a constant cooperation with economical subjects, scientific researches and expertise are made at their request, and recommendations are given. Especially close connections are developed with Kaunas university of techlology, Lithuanian Energy Institute and with various industrial technological sectors. Technological solutions, which are prepared by employees of the centre of science and researches, are being successfully implemented in the industrial companies.

Services provided by the Centre of Science and Researches:
- Conversion of fuel burning equipment - boilers, hothouses and heaters
- Implementation of technologies reducing emission of pollution
- Implementation of control systems of gas burners for work with minimal air excess and increase of the efficiency of the boiler
- Analyses of energetic efficiency of technologies, reduction of fuel consumption and thermal calculations
- Analyses of specific fuel combustion and preparation of technologies of burning
- Burners of special construction – lowNOx, special purpose, for dusty fuel, etc.