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Fuel laboratory

Head of fuel laboratory and quality manager
Jolita Mockuvienė
Mob. +370 685 73046


The accredited fuel laboratory is an impartial laboratory of analyses of solid fuel, where analyses of wide spectrum of solid fuel are made, new types of fuel are put to the test. The fuel laboratory by performing the exhaustive analysis of fuel and by considering the peculiarities of fuel helps to the engineers to select materials which are used in production of boilers or to develop the technologies of burning of fuel.
The fuel laboratory in the range of its activity follows the quality policy ensuring a good professional practise, impartiality and qualitative performance of analyses. The laboratory follows the policy ordering not to reveal information therefore the results of the analyses are confidential and introduced to the customer only in the way chosen by the customer.

Services provided by the fuel laboratory:
- Estimation of the main parameters of quality of bio fuel - humidity, ash-content and calorific capacity;
- Exhaustive or partial complex analyses of bio fuel;
- Analyses of fractional composition of fuel;
- Evaluation of characteristics of fuel from a technological viewpoint of fuel combustion;
- Prognosis of pollution emission (NOx, SO2, etc.) according to the data of fuel composition;
- Services provided at customers’ request (analysis of data of the analyses, etc.).


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